22/03/2019 Riloha Panel Discussion on "Hamburg's refugee integration: Successes and challenges"



For German citizens of Hamburg, integration may mean assimilation, while many refugees are hoping to maintain their strong traditions from home. This can prompt some Germans to consider refugees as unwilling to embrace their new home, but refugees may in turn feel frustrated at what they consider the patronizing attitudes of Germans who assume they have nothing to learn from the newcomers, but plenty to teach them (i.e., “one-way conversation”).

The objective is to gain a better understanding of the integration process, identify key obstacles, and explore solutions that avoid the misrepresentation of the refugee phenomenon or political opportunism. Examples of the questions will be:

  • What are the top bureaucratic, logistical, societal obstacles that the refugee population face in Hamburg?
  • Has Hamburg been successful in integration of recent refugee population?
  • What does a successful integration mean for Hamburg, for refugees?
  • How do German citizens support successful integration?
  • What is required from German citizens and what is required from refugees for successful integration process?


In our RILOHA panel, we would like to openly discuss this important—and somewhat controversial—topic with three experts:

  • Glen Ganz, founder and head of Why Not Integration
  • Nilab Alokuzay, founder and CEO of International Sustainable Impact Cooperation (I.S.I. Cooperation) and a certified integration manager
  • Jafar Mahmoodi, sales manager at Thenex GmbH and recent Afghan refugee

Prior to the panel discussion, the panelists will provide us with background information about their organization and activities. Natalie Niedoba, who is a colleague of Glen and a project manager, will also introduce Start with a Friend initiative in Hamburg.  After that, we will proceed to the panel talk discussing the above mentioned as well as participants' emerging questions. The event will be held in English.

Feel welcome to join the panel talk and share your thought with us. For registration, please follow this link.
We are looking forward to meeting you!
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